This project involved designing and developing personal logo, point being to brand ourselves. We achieved this through looking at various designs, sketching our own, vectorizing them with adobe illustrator, and then refining till we got a final product we thought represents us best.

I really enjoyed this project and feel that i still want to go farther with it. I found out about my image to most people, which is what I thought it would be, overall nice and “dapper”┬ápersonality with a touch of crazy, haha. Now my favorite design is the top one, which I will be using for now. It shows a great color scheme, modern look, and a balanced design, which I think represents me.

All of them represent some aspect of me, with the use of different design principles. Starting from the bottom, the purple is curvy and solid, which is me. The red is sharp and minimalistic, which is me as well. The arrow looking one is sharp as well and has a minimalist feel, and the extras i did were out of curiosity design. Overall great project and yet I know its a never ending one because there is no end to a persons development and identity.

Final Logo Design

Second Final Logo Design

Second Final Logo Design


Final Board