The Principles of Design


Design is intermixed in everything we do, from the decisions we make to the interpretations of everything presented in front of us. Teaching people the basic principles of design will influence them to integrate these concepts to their work, therefore creating faster quality material from the start, instead of too many iterations.


I will be using a mixture of video and still pictures.

What To Incorporate

The podcast should deliver the message clearly and professionally, but with a little touch of my personality so that the video is set apart. I also like the use of a little but of video recordings on the person talking as well as adding graphical tweaks for support. Also having a opening with a title is a move i think is clever.

What To Avoid

Don’t create mater that is just there to waste time, meaning the use of unesscessary words, graphics, or animations. The reason for this is so that the video will not use up the viewers time.

Inspirational Findings